Family Counseling

Family Counseling

A person with a mental illness may not think family therapy can help. On the contrary, this form of therapy can be effective in addressing specific issues affecting family members. It is an ideal counseling method for supporting family members as they adjust to their loved one’s condition. Additionally, it can also improve a person’s chance of getting better.

Peace of Mind Wellness and Family Counseling, Inc. has extensive evaluation and consultation services for diverse mental illness diagnoses. We provide therapy and counseling as part of individualized therapy programs.

What affects one person can also affect everyone around them. Our professionals consider the whole family when caring for the well-being and happiness of the person.

Why Does Mental Illness Cause Family Problems?

Everyone starts life within a family unit. It doesn’t matter if the structure of that family is blood relatives or adopted parents. This unit influences every aspect of a person’s life.

Mental illness can disrupt the family by making a person difficult to deal with. Understandably, the person who suffers from an issue like depression gets most of the attention.

Resentments may arise when family members try to communicate with the person. However, these resentments often lead to the needs of other family members going unmet. Regardless if the person’s mental condition stems from a dysfunctional family, problems will persist.

All families can benefit from therapy. Shot of a family meeting with a therapist.

Why Does Mental Illness Cause Family Problems?

Issues such as divorce, financial hardship, death, or a mental health concern impact everyone in the family. Therapy can benefit families when these stressful events put a strain on relationships within the unit. Our Houston behavioral health services promote using this effective form of therapy to make the family stronger.

Using family therapy with other types of mental health therapy can help the person in many ways, including:

Peace of Mind Wellness and Family Counseling, Inc. gives a person and their families a safe space. We encourage them to discuss how the mental illness affects the family unit

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